Creative Design

Storytelling is at the heart and soul of any project. Defining who you want to reach and why is the first step, followed closely by how. We explore how to engage audiences through tone, aesthetics, and the power of emotional connection, from awe, fear, outrage, curiosity, despair, to hope and empathy. We also examine the importance of relatable, identifiable characters, with a forward dive into how the role of filmmaker and subject are evolving. In the Innovative Trends section, we look at participatory film making, and at emerging immersive media technologies and their potential for greater impact.

“…storytelling has the ability to connect with really complex issues in a deeply personal way,
it has the ability to inspire us to see
a vision of a new world…”

–Nicole Starr, Participant Media

Visionary Change Framework

Purposeful filmmaking has a design process that addresses:

  • What do I want to see changed?
  • Who can make that change happen?
  • How can I reach and engage that audience(s)?

We begin with the creative design because storytelling is at the heart of change. Our narratives define who we are as individuals and as a society. They illuminate our world and influence our cultural norms. There is a rich mosaic of ways to inspire, influence, and transform through compelling stories.

Each creative element of a film – narrative style, tone, aesthetics, technique, form and format, characters, voice – can determine the film’s ability to activate viewers and realize an outcome. We begin with a deeper look at how emotional connection is key to changing hearts and minds.

The Power of Emotion

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The Empathy Factor

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Who Are The Real Experts

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