“We take 20,000


breaths a day.”

Collaborative Models

This film is a collaboration of American University’s Center For Environmental Filmmaking (CEF, AU’s Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) and the American Lung Association (ALA).

Creative Design

Personal accounts detail the devasting effects of air pollution and the environmental racism, stirring empathy and outrage.


The film ends with a hopeful story of high school students in Baltimore City who mobilize their community to fight against the building of an incinerator and are successful. A final montage of political activism motivates audiences to action. 

Outreach Strategies

“Unbreathable” is a catalyst for engagement and action, and can be adapted for use by a wide range of groups. Outreach includes festivals, health and environmental conferences, virtual webinar events, symposiums, ALA’s new “Stand Up For Clean Air” campaign, and distribution through New Day Films.


The film is being made available to key influencers such the Society of Environmental Journalists, Sierra Club, Eco-America, youth climate activist groups, and others.

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