Case Study

Women on a Mission (2019 / 2020)

“I want to make sure I’m telling their story in the appropriate way. I never script things and ask people to repeat. It’s always a conversation.”

During this film series, filmmaker Katie Bryden, in collaboration with the indigenous women, document their work to restore their forest and their traditional knowledge for future generations.

Collaborative Model

The series uses participatory techniques and a collaborative approach. From the onset, Bryden’s goal was to include the characters in the story and filmmaking process.

Nancy also reviewed the episode to ensure accurate cultural and language translation.

Creative Design

Rather than formal interviews, the series bring viewers into the day-to-day lives of indigenous women through their voice and eyes. Using a low-tech production style enhanced the genuine feel of the series, with an emphasis on the story itself.

In doing so, Katie Bryden set out to make the series feel personal, heartwarming, and authentic.

Outreach Strategies

The initial goal of the series was to elevate Conservation International’s working relationship with women leaders in conservation for the 2019 International Women’s Day.

Bryden notes that the process of participatory filming created local impact, empowering the women to speak on camera and make their own videos.


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