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Creative Design

The approach combines of comedy and investigative journalism, with the goal of engaging a broader range of viewers.  

Handheld camera techniques add to the investigative feel of the piece, and beauty shots are juxtaposed against the harsh realities of environmental devastation. 

Collaborative Models

Tom Steyer’s non-profit NextGen America (NextGen Climate) funded the series and Producer Ali Hart worked with NextGen’s policy director to determine calls-to-action for each episode.

“The California you don’t see on postcards" 

Outreach Strategies

These call-to-actions were the main outreach strategy, and links provided an easy way for viewers to donate, sign a petition, etc. The series was initially available on NextGen’s Facebook and a dedicated website, as well as YouTube. It now exists solely on YouTube.

Deep Dive into the Spotlight California case study here:

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