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"...inspired by true stories..."

Creative Design

This film is an immersive experience which enables users to look in any direction as they explore the ocean’s reefs. 

Audio design creates a sense of reality with the sounds of marine life moving through the waters.

Collaborative Models

The team consulted with local collaborators to ensure the film was authentic in its representation and would positively connect with local viewers.


Local environmental scientist, Erina Molina, narrated and became a producer on the film, contributing from early development through distribution. 

Outreach Strategies

With the support of the Haribon Foundation, Harel and her team piloted Grandpa’s Reef with five schools in the Philippines using Oculus Rift headsets. 

The website provides links to Grandpa’s Reef VR experience, as well as free downloadable lesson plans and educational activities. The 360 video version of the project is publicly available on National Geographic’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Dive deeper into the Grandpa's Reef case study here:

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