Creative Design

Throughout the film, the factual data about the harm plastic does to our ecosystem is conveyed through wit and humor.

Sharing his personal life, especially through the lens of parenthood, is particularly effective in reaching the hearts and minds of audiences.

Collaborative Model

To increase public awareness, the impact campaign consisted of experienced experts and grassroots partnering, and an extensive, national festival tour.


The filmmakers worked in partnerships with 30 different organizations, and principal partners included the Environmental Working Group, Patagonia, and Surfrider Foundation. 

Outreach Strategies

The original version is 78-minutes, and the filmmakers subsequently created two shorter cuts (45-minutes and 65-minutes) for educational purposes.


All three versions are available through New Day Films. Additional curriculum materials and resources are available with the film and through its website.

"...A fun, approachable way to
motivate behavioral changes
in viewers."

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